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Life-Altering Leadership Development

For Business Owners, Executives & Managers

Why Participate In Being An Extraordinary Leader Program?

  • Need to improve performance

  • Conflict and strained relationships

  • Low morale and job satisfaction

  • Rigid thinking and resistance to change

  • Walk the talk

  • Poor communication skills

  • Improved productivity

  • Accountability and communication

  • Shared expectations and norms

  • People take initiative

  • Leadership by example

  • Interdisciplinary collaboration

What’s Your Possibility?

What impact are you out to make in your life and business?

Being An Extraordinary Leader

and the effective exercise of leadership

This program is for business owners, C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, managers and anyone interested in growth and development.

Regardless of your experience, you will emerge from this program with a natural and profound capacity to exercise leadership, in any situation and under any circumstances.

Course Dates

How This Leadership Program Is Different?

It’s not about skills training.

This program is a series of conversations and experiences. The conversations clarify what leadership involves and how to lead. Then you experience leading and collaborating effectively, in practice.

“Training focuses on Best-Practices, while development focuses on Next Practices”

Mike Myatt author of

Leadership Matters & Hacking Leadership

An Invitation

We invite you to participate in the most impactful leadership development program in the world!

Regardless of your role, situation or objective, this program will speak to you.

CEOs & Entrepreneurs

To expand your organization’s capacity to innovate and perform consistently.

Executives & Senior Leaders

Take your leadership and people to the next level of performance effectiveness.

Managers & Supervisors

Learn to lead and collaborate naturally with anyone, in any situation.

Specialists &

Expand upon your expertise by taking your leadership to the next level.

How It Works

How Leaders Are Forged

You could characterize The Being An Extraordinary Leader program as a leadership laboratory. It employs a new science of leadership, based on the study of ontology and phenomenology. This roughly translates into the study of “who you are being”.

You’ll discover that real leadership does not rely on your position, title, money, or any of the personality traits often attributed to leaders. You’ll learn how to define leadership as a repeatable construct.

In this program, conventional ways of thinking are challenged and new ways of thinking emerge. The process results in your exercising leadership effectively as your natural self-expression.

Program Structure

In-Person Program

The program consists of 2 three-day working sessions, separated by 4 to 8 weeks. Sessions are accompanied by one-on-one coaching. To maximize the opportunity for cross-disciplinary-learning, there are three group webinars/coaching sessions with the other participants.

Additionally, you receive one-on-one coaching on a personal leadership initiative, “something big”. This work helps you embody what leadership looks like (on-the-court) as you define and advance your initiative in previously unimaginable ways.

Online Program

The online program has the equivalent of seven online workshop days spread over approximately three months. There is a pre-program coaching session to help tailor the Being an Exceptional Leader program to fit your needs. Additionally, coaching on how to implement the distinctions from the program into “real life” and additional 1-on-1 video coaching is provided upon request.

Note: There are approximately 185 pages of reading and related study assignments to be completed prior to Day #1

Our Promise

We promise you will leave this program being a leader and exercising leadership effectively as your natural self-expression.

What Participants Say
Frequently Asked Questions
I’ve already taken lots of training courses. Should I attend?2020-02-18T20:57:51+00:00

This program is a one-of-a-kind experience that enables you to take on significant challenges far greater than you ever have before.

I’ve had very little leadership training, is this program for me?2020-02-18T20:58:28+00:00

Yes, this program is extremely valuable for people with no prior leadership training experience. Simply come prepared to participate fully and do the program as designed and you’ll get all that’s promised.

Are there any program restrictions?2020-02-18T20:58:55+00:00

Yes, this is a business-to-business leadership development program. Participation is restricted to businesspeople working in organizations (this is not a “personal development” program). Please speak with one of our facilitators should you have any further questions on this topic.

What is Ontology and how does it fit into this program?2020-02-19T14:34:37+00:00

Ontology is the study of the nature of being and becoming. In this program, your way of being is the source of your behaviours. Rather than wrestling with what skill to use when, you focus on your ways of being.

What is Phenomenology and how does it apply?2020-02-19T14:36:05+00:00

Phenomenology is the study of the development of consciousness and self-awareness. Consciously choosing your ways of being is what enables the practice of leadership.

Who created the Being a Leader™ Program?2020-02-19T16:54:02+00:00

The Being A Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership Program was developed by Dr. Michael Jensen, Werner H. Erhard, Steve Zaffron and Dr. Jeri Echeverria. Learn about the authors.

What is the program curriculum?2020-02-19T14:39:40+00:00

The program is divided into three parts.

Part One defines the four fundamental elements for Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership: integrity, authenticity, being given to something bigger than oneself and being cause in the matter.
Part Two defines the structure or contextual framework of leadership, including linguistic abstractions, phenomena, domains and terms.
Part Three outlines the ontological (functional and perceptual) constraints of leadership.

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