Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are now essential and urgent foundations for success in today’s dynamic work environment.

While critical for public-facing organizations, this training has become vital for companies of all sizes in every industry. Breakdowns in these areas impact your performance and can have devastating effects on your reputation and the health and competitiveness of your organization.

Whether you’re navigating a cultural challenge or striving to make Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion a strategic differentiator, your path begins with clarifying your expectations, training your people, and fortifying your practices.

The Leaders Circle will help you generate breakthroughs you never thought possible.

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A World That Works For Everyone

What if Diversity, Equity and Inclusion were core to your culture?

Training Programs

Corporate and Organizational Development Solutions

Belonging At Work

Create Belonging At Work

Show People They Matter

Discover the impactful journey of “Belonging at Work,” where we tackle isolation; a challenge faced by 40% of individuals in the workplace. Learn how fostering authentic connections and bridging diversity gaps can elevate your organization’s performance and leadership. Don’t miss this opportunity to cultivate a sense of belonging in your organization.

Transcend Bias

Create, Connect and Collaborate

Unlock the power of collaboration and connection while breaking free from unconscious biases. This training explores practical strategies for fostering inclusive, collaborative workplaces. Enhance your ability to identify and address unconscious bias through engaging activities and discussions. Elevate your team’s performance and boost your organization’s success.

Stop Microaggressions

End Subtle Acts of Exclusion

This training illuminates blind-spots and understated actions that individuals may take that can leave others with an experience of feeling excluded or “not heard”. Learn the skills and practices to stop microaggressions from negatively impacting an organization’s culture, disrupting individual/team performance and ultimately obstructing leaders’ capacities to achieve promised business results.

Lead Inclusive Teams

Create a Mindset of We vs. Me

Participants learn practical strategies for leading and managing diverse teams in a way that fosters a culture of belonging. This approach is grounded in the latest research on inclusive leadership. It is designed to help you develop an inclusive mindset and enable you to put it into practice in your workplace.

Be an Ally

Increase Belonging for Everyone

This workshop moves participants from thinking about me to acting for we. Our Allyship learning session prepares people in your organization to intervene in situations where they spot non-inclusive behavior (i.e. hearing a colleague unconsciously stating a bias or observing someone being constantly interrupted). Learn to Ally with confidence, not only for colleagues who are from underrepresented groups, but for your entire organization.

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Realize The Strategic Potential

of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in your organization

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