How long does it take to get results?

It’s a good question; and it depends on you and the effort and commitment you bring. Your coach assists you to accomplish results faster, however results always come from you and your efforts. Your coach [...]

How much does this cost?

Our prices range from $150/per hour/person for one of our online webinar programs to several thousands of dollars for organization-wide coaching/consultation.

Do you follow a particular coaching model?

Yes. We coach using ontological and phenomenological methodologies. In otherwords, our coaching is about the “as lived, real life practical application of who one is being as a leader.” We are certified to coach and [...]

How does Coaching work?

Your Coaching Program begins by defining a compelling future to focus on. Once the future is defined, we develop a workback plan to achieve specific measurable outcomes. The plan focuses on removing what’s in the [...]

What is Leadership Coaching and Team Development?

We offer Leadership Coaching and Team Development to help implement and expand upon what’s learned in our Advanced Leadership Program or as a stand-alone alternative. A stand-alone coaching program is more goal centric; where leadership [...]

What is the program curriculum?

The program is divided into three parts. Part One defines the four fundamental elements for Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership: integrity, authenticity, being given to something bigger than oneself and being [...]


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