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Leadership Coaching and Team Development

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Considering a business, executive or leadership coach? Are you clear why?
Where do you need to focus? What do you need to accomplish? How do you elevate business performance without physically bringing people together?

Business leaders are often more aware of their pain points and performance issues than their goals. Issues show up as missed financial targets, flagging morale, urgent crises, conflict, communication challenges and more.

What Coaching and Team Development offer is a path to exceptional performance and breakthrough results.

The Leaders Circle advantage is our executive and company development approach and our new virtual delivery.
Yes, everything can now be accomplished online.

What Would Be Possible

If your organization could produce whatever it imagined?

Approach and Objectives

You focus on four aspects of leadership and corporate development

Vision Setting

The First Step in any Program

The first step in any leadership and organizational development program is to clarify your vision and enroll others in what’s possible.

Vision setting creates a clear and compelling future that engages people, focuses effort, inspires innovation and demands collaboration. The goal is to create a charter that literally pulls you and your team into meaningful action, in alignment with strategic objectives.

Executive Coaching

A High-Performance Partnership

Executive Coaching is a partnership between you, your team and your coach. Your coach offers you the gift of perspective. Your coach has you see, hear and think differently; leading you naturally to a new set of actions resulting in a new level of performance.

Your coach serves as your sounding board, confidante, critic, trainer and mentor to help you lead more effectively and accelerate your progress.

Team Development

Create a Culture of High-Performance

Team and Organizational Development guides you and your executive team. It’s about cultivating a high-performance culture and creating breakthroughs in leadership, alignment, integrity, accountability, trust, collaboration and communication effectiveness.

We lead a series of unique conversations, guiding people to inescapable conclusions that fundamentally change their perspective of themselves and others, and of their work and their contribution to life.


Founded on Authenticity and Integrity

Your clarified direction, effective leadership practices and high-performance culture converge to become your new normal. In this new normal, people are free to express themselves and contribute in meaningful ways. People communicate through problems and collaborate effectively on a new foundation of authentity and integrity.

Once you’ve gelled as a high-performance team, results occur faster with greater ease, engagement and satisfaction. The result is effective ways of leading, operation excellence, and breakthrough performance.

What Can You Imagine?

What transformation will you lead?

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Leadership Coaching and Team Development?2020-05-29T19:51:59+00:00

We offer Leadership Coaching and Team Development to help implement and expand upon what’s learned in our Advanced Leadership Program or as a stand-alone alternative.

A stand-alone coaching program is more goal centric; where leadership skills and practices are introduced and developed in context of stated objectives.

The objectives tend to be some combination of:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Personal and Team Performance
  • Leading People Through Uncertainty
How does Coaching work?2020-05-29T19:52:55+00:00

Your Coaching Program begins by defining a compelling future to focus on. Once the future is defined, we develop a workback plan to achieve specific measurable outcomes. The plan focuses on removing what’s in the way of achieving target outcomes.

Logistically, you engage us for blocks of 3, 6 or 12 months. Coaching session are one hour in duration and are generally one-on-one with your coach.

Coaching calls are generally scheduled, however your coach is on-call to help with breakdowns and emergencies that inevitably occur.

Leadership Coaching is a partnership between you and your coach. Your coach serves as your sounding board, confidante, critic, trainer and mentor to help you avoid traps and move forward effectively.

There is no cookie-cutter approach. Your needs and your team’s needs are unique and dynamic. We work together to find a rhythm that makes sense.

Are there any prerequisites to engaging a coach?2020-05-26T19:06:04+00:00

No. As long as you’re a business owner, executive or technical leader committed to high performance and goal achievement, you are qualified.

Do you follow a particular coaching model?2020-05-29T20:01:32+00:00

Yes. We coach using ontological and phenomenological methodologies. In otherwords, our coaching is about the “as lived, real life practical application of who one is being as a leader.”

We are certified to coach and train from the internationally acclaimed Being A Leader and Effective Exercise of Leadership Program®. The application of that model is adapted to your specific situation.

How much does this cost?2020-05-26T19:07:17+00:00

Our prices range from $150/per hour/person for one of our online webinar programs to several thousands of dollars for organization-wide coaching/consultation.

How long does it take to get results?2020-05-29T19:57:08+00:00

It’s a good question; and it depends on you and the effort and commitment you bring. Your coach assists you to accomplish results faster, however results always come from you and your efforts. Your coach encourages you to work smarter and to be more accountable to your word but make no mistake about where the change comes from, it’s all you and your team.

Having said that, most people experience results very quickly at first. The perspective, direction and tools generate a spike in performance. After that, the focus is on sticking with it and expanding your impact through others.

What’s the difference between Leadership and Executive Coaching?2020-05-29T19:57:59+00:00

Executive Coaching refers to the person being coached (usually a senior-level person in a business organization), while Leadership Coaching, as we use the term, is meant to include all people in an organization, regardless of job, role or position.

Will I always work with the same coach?2020-05-26T19:08:53+00:00

Yes, you will have a lead coach who is your direct point of contact. However, we will from time to time bring in specialist resources where we believe them necessary.

How important is it to get along with my coach?2020-05-26T19:09:22+00:00

It is essential that you trust your coach. Although, you will not always like what your coach says or wants you to take on and do, it’s important that you remain open-minded to trying on the coaching. That distinction is important. If you’re finding your relationship is not working, we will support you in connecting with a different coach. A trust-based relationship is vital.

What Participants Say

Leadership Coaching Team Development

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